Tourism now exploded and more and more small houses became bed and breakfast establishments, and larger houses became known as hotels, from the 70's until the 9o's it was boom time, I think one could just put up a notice and there were no special restrictions. Small cottages which had been condemned were snapped up by people with money to invest and updated, these were either second homes or holiday lets, and young people fro the village found it more and more difficult to compete when buying their first homes and started to move out to Kendal and beyond.. In the late 90's business was slowing down, foreign holidays were becoming cheaper than some holidays in England. People did not come for one or two weeks holiday sat one locution, they either had short breaks in England to supplement their annual holidays abroad or they toured from place to place staying for one or two nights at several locations,2001 had a dire effect on guest houses when foot and mouth struck, but everyone eventually recovered, however the days of the small guest houses was numbered, now everyone was demanding private facilities and with the cost and often insurmountable difficulties in altering houses life was to become too difficult for many people.

The changes to the shops would have been unbelievable to our forbears, we are now often referred to as Anorakville due to the plethora of outdoor shops which have sprung up. Of course in the 90's lame the greatest change that I can remember, the Market Cross development. The old Ribble garage had long been an eyesore in Compston Rd. Built in the 1930's to replace the garage in Wansfell Rd it dominated all of the west side of Compston Rd When the Ribble company sold to Stagecoach it remained or some years but when the bus company sold to a development company many people were opposed to the proposed plans and after I think two public appeals John Oummer eventually gave permission for the shopping complex to go ahead. This now dominates the town, we have got used to it but the rentals are so high that no small traders can afford to trade there, but I suppose future generations will just accept it as it is now. The bus yard with its snack bar which was a regular meeting place is even now a distant memory.

The Blue Hill and Fisherbeck area also saw significant changes from the 70's and 80's. For as long as I can remember there had only been the Smithy and small cottages on the Busk, Wansfell Terrace and the gas works, as I have said the Stonecroft Estate was built in the 30's but after that nothing much happened for years. Then Lanty Constable's farm at Fisherbeck went and the land developed, more houses were built up above Wansfell Terrace. Further down towards Lake Rd King's school which had started with Mr Munro followed by Charles Hales closed and Gale Howe the original home of the Gatey family was turned into flats.. From there we can walk up towards the Howes and Dr Larmouth's house, always these grounds were surrounded in mystery for us, high walls and no way of seeing what was hidden away, nothing I am sure, I think he was a recluse who loved nature. The actual Howes which I had walked over to school in those days an expanse of fields has now gone, surrounded by houses there is mow only a narrow pathway to join onto the Stockghyll road.