Most of the shops in the village have now changed. I think the only ones which are now left as they were in my childhood are, in Compston Rd, the butchers shop that was Dixon's, they had a severely handicapped daughter, Hilda who was the same age as me, the Coop had remained although it is different, Tinny Martin's hardware shop is much the same as it always was, just a new generation, the Spar shop has always been a grocers, firstly Whittaker's then Bewicks, but it is now self service, no weighing out of commodities and being looked after. All Central Buildings has changed none of the present shops sell the goods they did in my young days. Simpson's grocers in the Market Hall are now a Thai restaurant for goodness sake Into the Market Place Tyson's shoe shop is still well established it was always a shoe shop, Elliot's prior to Tysons.And now the Post Office has had to move again, its first home was at the top of Vicarage Road it is at present the Walnut chip shop, next it was installed in the Market Place when Dr Johnson's lovely old house was demolished and now in 2007 it has been relocated in Central Buildings where Lawson's chemist used to be, it is
now only in a corner of the information office and shop, a shadow of its past but at least we still have one. Still on the top of the town the Queen's Pavilion venue for dances, parties and stage shows, in fact shows of many kind was sold to Gaynor's which has since grown and grown as, what else?, outdoor clothing of course.

Continuing down Lake Rd not much has survived as it was in the 50's. Ambleside Jewellers has been a jewellery shop for as long as I can remember, first Fishers then Kelletts followed by Firths and now in its present form.The Vale View hotel is now known as Churchills and is very different,but the bookshop next door has survived to the present day, it was Miss Wearings then Phyllis Huddlestone had it until it was owned by Haiders! suppose one can say that Miss Viponts has always been a cake or cafe/bakery but has taken various forms.

T.B. Atkinsons high class ladies and gents clothing shop which must have survived for around 100 years went finally only about four years ago and is now a hairdressers, but the other surviving shop is round the corner, Johnny Williamsons barbers shop which was originally Billy Hall's but I suppose after Johnny's day it will cease to be and with it will go a good source of village gossip. Nothing is really left in Church St except that Fullers was the original shop for radios since the days ,when people carefully carried their batteries there to be recharged, but that was Clark and Gibsons in the shop which is now the kitchen shop, Jim moved into Peggy Christophersons baby shop after she retired, so that seems to be the last of the original shops as I knew them.

The north end of the village has also changed a lot some of the changes due to the college which took over many of the houses close to Scale Howe also new building took place as the college grew and grew, this year it has attained university status, so what will be the future? On Rydal Rd the fire station and police station but moved into new premises, the fire station from Lake Rd next to the garage and the police station from Church St..The Stoney Lane we knew has long vanished, then we entered the lane where the entrance to the car park is now and walked through between allotments on both sides then, as now, beside the river through to Miller Bridge.

I could go on forever pointing out changes which have taken place over the years but as they happen so much more frequently now I could be updating almost very month so for now this is it..

Joan Newby  2007