This poem came to me in 1994,1 do not know who wrote it, but the initials ED would apply to Edwin Dixon. Harry and Mabel referred to were his brother and sister. There was also Frank, Cora and their father had a pop factory where the library is now sited. They were all very involved in the Rushbearing and all died without issue.

The shop in the Market Place was Simpson's grocer's under the clock tower. It was originally the market trading centre.

Brait, was Brait Black a hunter, and Father Dover was the Catholic priest in the 20's

Mammy Dugdale was famous for Clag'em in the 2-s and 30s and perhaps even earlier. Her shop was in Church Street, she was, I suppose, not so very old when I was a child, but was already fat and not too clean so she always looked old. Her shop was small and dark and she sold sweets and tobacco, but Clag'em was her speciality. It was a pulled mint sweet cooked in her kitchen in what looked like a cauldron on an old black range. It was then put on a nail and pulled and pulled until cold then made into a spiral and chopped with a little toffee hammer. Her secret ingredient, we think, was the spitting on her hands to pull the warm mixture. Ugh! What would the environmental health inspectors make of that today? All I know was that it was delicious, we all loved it and we loved Mammy Dugdale too. We all lost our milk teeth chewing Clag'em. She did give the recipe to someone else when she retired, but it was never the same, I think it missed the spit.

The Tizzy Wizzy was a joke thing supposedly seen by the Lake when the men were coming home drunk. After I received the poem it was a joke revived and I have kept the press cuttings.