Article by Joan


Ambleside has seen many changes over the years from being a very small village in the early 1700's and early 1800's. Its first major change came when the new church of St Mary was built in 1854. It was then that that the new stone houses appeared closer to the new church extending the village to the south. The previous centre had been round the chapel of St Anne now turned into houses on the Kirkstone Rd. In the old churchyard are the graves of old Ambleside families including John Kelsick whose money has helped generations of young people in the village.

In the late 1800,s the tourists first discovered the Lakes and the larger houses started to cater for annual summer visitors.
After a more or less static period we are now witnessing an even more dramatic change in the late 20th and early 21st centuries with the big city developers moving into the area and building luxury apartments and time share units and the old hotels extending even more. Prime sites are being taken over for new development and traditional village are being bought as second homes putting them beyond the reach of young couples whose homes have always been here, now they have to move further away changing the character of the whole area.

In spite of all these changes of which I am certainly not in favour, this is my home where I was born and brought up and have lived all my life, I love it and would not want to live anywhere else.