In 1923 White Platts recreation ground consisted of grass tennis courts and the putting green only. The remainder of the area was only a field where the annual sheep and cow fairs were held. Each October the hurdles were erected and the sheep and cows were driven through the village to be sold.

The house with the shop window opposite Peggy's bakery was a china and pottery shop, and one day when the cows were being driven down the street to the fair one took fright and charged right through the shop window and although I do not think that this where the saying "a bull in a china shop" comes from, it was certainly apt.

Towards the end of the 209s the bowling green was laid down and the mini golf course was developed. I remember loads of sand being brought to be used on the bowling green and we children were taken to down to dig in the sand building sand castles and tunnels, most of us at that time had never or seldom been to the seaside.

The sheep fairs were then moved to Lowfold occupying the fields on both sides of the road. These fields were later to become the car park and West Ings sheltered accommodation.

The next home of the fairs was the field next to Rothay Holme, sadly they are now only a distant memory as are so many events from our childhood.