It is a long time since the Market Place was used for buying and selling, the market cross which in the old days used to be sited outside the Salutation Hotel is now opposite the new Market Cross development. In the old days there was a regular cattle and sheep market round the cross, and I expect the farmers wives also sold their produce. In the more leisurely days of the recent past it became a meeting place for the old characters of the village to sit and reminisce and to watch the world go by., At the present time there is too much traffic to make it a peaceful place and it more often occupied by scruffy young people visiting the village.

As you can see from the pictures on the next two pages the Market Place has changed, the booking office for the Royal Mail was for many years Mr Hickling's shop but still a booking office for the trains and now it is Gates travel agents. The big room in the next door shop which was Penrice's drapery shop and now sells gifts, was the original court room and the barred door to the cells can still be located at the rear of the building.

The railings on the left of the old picture marked the garden boundary of a lovely old house which belonged to a local doctor and was pulled down to make way for the new Post Office which moved from the corner of Vicarage Rd. with Millans Park.

Coaches now motorised still leave from Brown's office in the corner. The "Boots" or telegraph boy is obviously a Grassland, and we now see that all the trees have been felled to make way for cars.