The Market Place

Until 1969 there had been no market held in Ambleside within living memory although a charter had been granted to the village in 1688 granting the townspeople the right to set up stalls in the Market Place every Wednesday.
In 1969 two salesmen, market traders from Settle caused a stir in the village by exercising their rights and erecting their stalls in the Market Place one Wednesday morning. Although there was not quite as much traffic as there is today it was busy and the traffic was two way.

Each week more traders came with their stalls much to the consternation of the councillors who were desperately trying to find some kind of compromise in order to solve the problem caused by the disruption of the flow of traffic. Eventually a temporary home was found for the stallholders on Faulkers car park at the bottom of the Slack,but eventually a more permanent solution was found and now we have a regular market on the King St. car park each week still on a Wednesday and it does a roaring trade and once more has become a meeting place for the people of Ambleside.