Ambleside shops during the last century

How the shops have changed with time.
compiled by Joan Newby

Compston Road

  • Robertson's Unicom Cafe -  Peggy's confectioner and Cafe
  • Backhouse Pottery shop - Guest house - Outdoor shop.
  • Co-op Drapery shop - Rodney Kirk painter and decorator - Osgerby car accessories - Restaurant
  • Jack Staveley greengrocer - Flights - John Bell - Rumneys - Dorothy Foster florist - Summit Treks outdoor shop.
  • Mudd's fish shop - Dixon's butcher - Clayton's
  • Stalkers furniture, joiner, undertaker. - Sanderson and Dixon photographer and fancy goods - Turner's gifts - Shinglers gifts
  • Co-op grocer still the Co-op
  • Johnnie Thornton grocer - Miss Bland milliner - Sharpe's salad bar and cafe - Renee Barton Epicure cafe - Ann Wilson cafe - The Epicentre outdoor clothing
  • Martins (Tinny's) ironmonger (was formally at the top of Church St)
  • Whittaker's grocer - Bewicks - Rothwells - Spar
  • Taylor and Bispham hardware and cycles  - Fell Jenkinson's ladies' clothing and hairdresser - Frank Heap confectioner - Frank Davies the first outdoor clothing shop

Round the corner into Milians Park Taylor and Bispham cycles, radios, had a Penny Farthing bicycle outside for hire, (this shop is now integrated into the Climbing shop.

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