Events in Ambleside History

Compiled by Joan Newby

1906 Miss Routledge was appointed head of the Infant school which had been created in 1886 as part of the church school
1910 The new separate Infant school was opened in January with Miss Routledge still headmistress. She did not retire until 1935 and remained very much part of village life until she died in 1950. She is still a legend
1914 In November between £400 and £500 was raised for a parish Hall. War stopped the project. It had been the start of a crusade to fund a church hall but was dead in the water for many years
1931 Mr Todd headmaster of the Boys' school died aged 63.

1933 Rev. Luard Selby retired, Rev H.A Thompson succeeded him.
1935 I received a Sunday school prize together with Vera Bunting, Margaret Dugdale, Betty Stobbart, and Mary Vipont. It wasn't the only one I received but it seems to be the only time they were recorded in the Parish magazine.
1935 Miss Routledge retired as head mistress of the Infant school
1942 School railings were removed as part of the war effort. Marjorie became hon. Sec. for the church parish council. Miss Shegog became head mistress of the Infant school succeeding Miss Mackenzie
1943 Results of the Church sale
Refreshments  Dora Capstick, Mrs Lowish, Mildred Tebay.  
White Elephant, Mrs Sketch Middleton, Mrs Sedgwick. £23  12s  6d
Produce Mrs Staveley Mrs Mander £20  15s  6d
Household Miss Routledge, Mrs Howe, Marjorie Martin £31   3s  0d
Cakes Mrs Guy Thompson Mrs E Huddlestone
Mrs Joe Holmes
£20  10s  9d
Rydal Stall Mrs Porter Mrs Anderton £37   0s  0d
Subsciptions brought the total up to £238   0s  1d
1945 Treasures were removed from the old St Anne's St Mary's i.e. the old stone font, the oldest piece in the church, it was certainly a holy water stoup of late medieval date used as a font since 1674.Annes hall' Mr Childerstone became curate. The autumn sale made £413
1946 St Anne's hall opened for recreation First Autumn sale in the hall Sunday school sale, Jean Frost's tray, what was it even Jean cannot remember, total for sale £263 9s 5d
1947 Fire in St Anne's hall confined to the tower originating from the kitchen situated under the tower.

Dick Youdell headmaster of the Boy's school since 1928 died. Mr Thompson became new head. Mr Wilkinson became the new vicar and Mr Wheelan the curate left and was succeeded by Mr Prince.

The Autumn sale raised £358 2s 2d

1949 Autumn sale raised £367 9s l0d
1950 Christmas sale raised £285 12s 7d (obviously in those days totals were never rounded off)
Bill became a sidesman. The big tree in Church St was felled a sad day for many of us. This year "TogetherMet" our new church magazine was first published.

A special obituary for our dear friend Miss Jane Ann Routledge.

She will be sadly missed. She was headmistress at our Infant school and always rejoiced in the knowledge that it was a ehurch school. She was superintendent of the Infants Sunday School. An indefatigable member of the church council and did much for the sale of work. It is a wonder Miss Routledge managed to do so much without fuss and to do it so efficiently. Perhaps the secret was to be found in her deep religious faith, I am sure it was so. Our dear friend was not a mother but she mothered and cared for all those who passed through her hands in day and Sunday schools, and today, many grown up people in Ambleside would indeed stand up and call her blessed among women.

What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful lady.


Waterhead Service station was sold for Keith McNaughton to Mr Williams for £5000, it became the Waterhead Marina.

An oak tree was planted in Borrans Park by Queen's guide Ann Hall to commemorate the Coronation.

Coronation events: Dance on the bus station now the Market Cross, The bus station was gaily decorated. Big whist drive in the Queen's Pavilion, now Gaynors, Decorated mugs for the children, bonfire on the top of Loughrigg preceded by a fancy dress parade, the bonfire to be lit by a relay of runners. Then fireworks.

Second day: old folks dinner in Assembly rooms (now Zefferellis)
followed by entertainment and film. Social evening and dance for teenagers.

Rain changed plans. No dance outside, it was eventually moved to the Queen's. Fancy dress parade went ahead and thfe bonfire was lit but the fireworks were postponed for several days. The childrens sports eventually went ahead.

On the Coronation day itself there was a fire at Broadview Lake Rd at Lance Grey's house, we all went down to see it, the top floor was gutted.

There were widespread floods in July, Sue and I were on the steamer. Landslides and floods on Kirkstone and Wansfell. James Dunlop's house flooded on the Green, Maureen and Linda took
refuge in upstairs room, pram floating on flood water.

In October work began on the church steeple, the Autumn Fair raised £607, in December a Christmas tree was erected on the top of the steeple which was now scaffolded.

1954 100th anniversary of our church of St Mary. Work was finished on the steeple and the bells
were rung again, we had raised £5000 guineas to pay for the work There was a new ferry boat at
Bowness. The Autumn fair made £481. In November Walter Frost one of the choir was admitted as a Serving Brother of the Order of St John and invested with the insignia at St Bartholomews hospital, London. There were bad storms in December and widespread floods at Waterhead., the ground floor of the Waterhead hotel was flooded. This year saw the first phase of the Greenbank Estate.
1955 The Autumn fair raised £665, these were the golden years of the church fairs. They were opened in the morning by someone of standing in the community and in the afternoon by the school children who always put on a special show, these were huge amounts to raise in those day