Waterhead lies a mile from the centre of Ambleside and as everywhere else it has seen changes over the years. Originally the boating piers, the Toll house and the Grange, the house now occupied by Romney Grange, Waterhead Hotel, much smaller then, the Wateredge Hotel once a farm, the now Regent Hotel and Wanless How were the only residences at Waterhead.

My row of houses and the Esplanade now the YHA, were built in the 1890's as was the rebuilt Toll house, and the shops. Now we have the large Romney Grange in place of the gracious stone built house next door to the house known as Ghyll Head which has recently blossomed into a re named Lake House hotel with numerous unsightly signs.

Opposite, the Waterhead hotel has seen many changes as you can see from my old photographs, none of them I think for the better, it now dominates the area.

Wateredge has also suffered from so called improvements. Originally it was a farm then it was a genteel hotel and now has large extentions. The Regent has basically remained much as it was, at least from the exterior, but next door to it we now have the time share flats.

I suppose each generation bewails the changes taking place, but tourism is all important to our survival.